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Ginger Lee

Alias: Abbie Lebon, Ginger Vicious

País: United States

Nació: 1983-11-25

Ojo: Green

Cabello: Blonde

Altura: 157 cm

Peso: 48 kg

Tetas: Natural

Vistas: 2.1K

Vídeos de Ginger Lee

1 Vídeos
Dress size: 1

Ginger Lee is the porn star who has been caught up in the scandal concerning Congressman Anthony Weiner, which has become known as Weinergate. While Ginger and Weiner never had sexual relations, they did trade saucy emails and she admits to wanting to have sex with him on her website.

Weiner tried to cover his tracks by coaching Ginger on what to say to the press when asked about their x-rated tweets.

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