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Charity Bangs

Country: United States

Eye: Green

Hair: Brown

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Boobs: Fake

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What does charity do? It helps the needy, it houses the homeless, and it feeds the hungry. But this Charity? Well she Bangs! Charity Bangs is her name, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing her generous nature, then get out the wank cream and the tissues because you’re in for one generous treat. Charity is all about giving, whether it’s by showing off her busty body, treating her girlfriends to a deep mouth-to-cunt massage, or giving shelter to cocks of all sizes in any of her three slut holes. But you don’t wanna rush to her nether or backdoor entries before fully exploring her mouth, because Charity is an award-winning expert BJ-giver. She prides herself on her lack of gag reflex, her incredible saliva production, and her thick, succulent lips, all of which work together to give those shafts the full first-class treatment. Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Charity worked at various restaurants, and always got more looks and tips than the other girls because of her casual slutty vibes. Charity took this as a cue to turn her natural talents into a full-time lifestyle. Though she’s barely over 5 feet tall, she makes up for it with her triple-D-action tits, which she bought specially for her career in porn. Whether she’s sucking dick through a glory hole, getting humiliated in public, orchestrating a massive orgy, or just taking a gape-worthy pounding in her ass, Charity delivers a top show every time.

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